Conor McGregor Interested In Buying a Football Team

Conor McGregor has added that he wants to buy a football team… Chelsea, Man Utd, Celtic?

“I do not speak softly,” said Connor McGregor, reiterating his interest in buying Chelsea or another football club.

UFC star Conor McGregor has been linked with a move to Manchester United. He added: “I want to buy a football team with Celtic and Chelsea.

Roman Abramovich, 33, confirmed on social media this week that he would like to explore a possible move to Chelsea after confirming his intention to sell.

He has previously signaled his interest in the Glazer family to buy shares in Dermot Desmond, an Irishman in United and Celtic.

McGregor’s latest comments have raised suspicions about Abramovich £3 billion report for Chelsea, but he is serious about his interest.

“I do not speak in jest,” he posted on his personal Twitter account on Sunday in tweets that were seemingly deleted soon after. “I am exploring this, as I said.

“Celtic from Dermot Desmond, Manchester United from the Glaziers [sic], and now the recently up for sale Chelsea football club. All being explored.

“A football franchise purchase is in my future make no mistake about it.”

When McGregor faced Floyd Mayweather in 2017, he gained a lot of wealth from a number of top events, including boxing.

He moved into the business world when the whiskey brand was launched in 2018, and the Irishman decided to include a sports team in his profile.

“Everyday I ball,” he added. “How wouldn’t I lead a team of young, dedicated athletes to glory. I’m perfect for the job. Pray it’s your team.”

McGregor has joined forces with others to show he is interested in buying Chelsea, and Turkish businessman Muhsin Bayrak is in talks with Abramovich.

Long-term owner Abramovich announced on Wednesday that he had made a “very difficult” decision to sell the club

In a statement, he said: “The sale will not be tracked quickly but will follow a specific procedure” and the club will not ask for a loan to repay.

The decision comes amid threats to impose sanctions on Russian businesses and top officials after invading Ukraine last week.


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